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At High Desert Window & Glass, there’s no new windows, custom glass replacement service that we can’t provide in the High Desert, Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, CA and surrounding areas. We have a wide selection of window style services to choose from which includes Vinyl, Retrofit, Double hung, Energy efficient, Double-paned, Aluminum, Insulated, and Custom.

Our highly qualified specialists have expertise with a large cross-section of house window styles and options – everything from front window remodeling, restructuring windows to customizing windows, and maintain some of the most reasonable rates in the area. We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our workmanship that most of our products carry a lifetime warranty. In addition, we feature free estimates on all of our residential and commercial projects and can produce references upon request.

Top Quality Home Window Replacement

New Windows Installation is basically installing a new window frame which may be a replacement of a whole frame or cutting out a hole in the wall for a window. Cutting out a window from the wall requires planning and precise measurements. The wall studs would need to be found and the new window to be installed would need to be aligned with the studs to preserve the structural integrity.

Our team of experienced window installers specializes in:

  • Single Hung Windows-are often the standard window option used in newer home construction, apartment buildings.In a single-hung window the bottom panel, or sash, moves vertically, while the upper sash remains stationary. 
  • Double Hung Windows-differ from single-hung in that they offer the homeowner the ability to open each sash, rather than just the bottom sash. This allows for better airflow and ventilation.
  • Awning Windows-Awning characteristics allow venting from the bottom and will shed light rain.
  • Glider Windows- provides ease of accessibility and is also ergonomic perfect for your home.


Retrofit Replacement vs New Construction Home Window Installation

Retrofit windows allow you to keep your original window frame while simply replacing the glass. This is the most common home window replacement option, as it does not require additional modifications to the house structure or siding.

New Construction windows are windows that are not made specifically for the existing window frames but are resized or remodeled to fit correctly. This does mean that window will be customized. Aside from the window itself, the trims/moldings, sidings will be customized as well. Also, the window would need to be re-sealed with a caulking gun.

The advantage of a retrofit window over a new construction window is that the window frame will no longer be replaced completely which is more work heavy since that means removing all the nails or screws in the fin holes.

Window Design and Style Options Available:

  • Vinyl replacement windows are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet light stabilizers to protect the material against the sun rays. High Desert offers a vinyl replacement. It is also a good alternative compared to other types of window materials because of its price and energy efficiency.
  • Double hung windows are the most traditional window style available. They are also the most popular. It is best suited for window openings where the height is greater than the width, they are ideal choices for walls next to patios,& decks Cleaning is really easy with double-hung windows, cause both sashes easily open fully and tilt inward.
  • Custom shape windows-Custom shape windows are fixed windows, often referred to as picture windows. They are the perfect solution for openings with an abundance of natural light and hard-to-reach spaces where the windows do not need to open
  • Sliding windows/Sliding Patio Doors – Sliding, or gliding, windows or patio doors boast slim vertical lines for a clean, elegant look – a welcome addition for any architectural style. Ideal for window openings where the width is greater than the height, sliding replacement windows or doors is a great choice for walls near a patio, deck or walkway.

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