Kinds of Glass Shower Doors

There are a variety of glass shower doors and enclosures in Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville and the entire California Market. Although functionality comes first, their designs contribute to the whole feel and aesthetic of the bathroom. We will go through each of them briefly to help you choose the designs you would like to have installed.

Glass Shower Door types can be categorized into 6 groups:
● Operation
● Shape
● Frame Type
● Glass Style
● Features
● Style




Glass Shower Sliding Doors Victorville, Apple Valley, HesperiaSliding – These doors are usually 2 glass panels that slide on a track. Both could slide or one can be fixed while the other slides parallel the other panel. This a good option for smaller bathrooms with limited space.



Fixed Glass Shower Doors Apple Valley, Hesperia, VictorvilleFixed – This shower door is typically just a single glass panel which is permanently fixed on to the floor and adjacent wall. It has an open space for ease of stepping in or out of the shower.




Glass Hinged Shower Doors in Hesperia, Victorville, Apple ValleyHinged – Glass doors that are hinged act like a regular door which can be pushed or pulled. The hinges can be attached to either the wall or another fixed glass panel




Alcove glass shower enclosure in apple valley, hesperia and victorvilleFolding – Similar to the hinged shower doors, these can either be bi-fold or tri-fold doors that fold on each other. This is also good for small spaces as the folding motion is good for compact enclosures.





Corner glass shower door enclosures in californiaCorner – Showers shaped into corners have doors that are not installed in right angles. These enclosures often have five walls when finished. Their doors are typically hinged or folding




Alcove glass shower enclosure in apple valley, hesperia and victorvilleAlcove – Enclosures with this set-up are usually in the middle of the bathroom. Commonly used with a hinge operating glass shower door. Also good for small spaces. These can also be aesthetically fit for large bathrooms.



Round glass shower door enclosures hesperia victorvilleRound – Unlike normal glass shower doors, these glass panels are rounded to make it look classy. Commonly used with sliding glass doors and installed at the corner of the bathroom.




Frame Type:

Framed glass shower doors apple valley Framed – This means that glass shower panels will be installed within a frame giving it a border. Frame are commonly made of aluminum which has tracks to catch water. It does need more care than a regular shower door since water caught in between the frame edges may cause mold or mildew to grow.



Frameless glass shower doors apple valley hesperiaFrameless – Simplest look but also stylish. These are glass panels that are thick enough to stand on their own with little to no flex. This kind of set-up is also low maintenance in terms of cleaning off any moisture. A towel rack can be attached which can also act as a handrail.



Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors Victorville Applevalley Semi-Frameless – Sleeker than its fully framed counterpart. This door has a frame all around the glass panels except for the middle or inner door. It still requires cleaning as the tracks of the glass panels catches the drippings from the glass.




Glass Style:

Clear glass shower doors victorville hesperiaClear – The most popular shower door. It gives the illusion of a roomier bathroom and an overall feeling of cleanliness and being new




Frosted glass shower doors hesperia apple valleyFrosted – Translucent instead of the completely transparent clear shower door for privacy in the enclosure.




victorville Patterned glass shower doorsPatterned – Glass panels can either be frosted or clear but has designs typically either trees, leaves or anything related to greenery or nature. It provides more detail for a simple bathroom




Hesperia victorville obscure glass shower doorsObscure – It is a mix between the clear and frosted shower doors. It has almost the same transparency as the clear glass doors to let light in the enclosure but with the distortion of frosted glass doors for privacy.



Apple Valley Victorville Rain glass shower doorsRain – Similar to the frosted glass shower doors except it is randomly frosted and not frosted continuously. It does give the illusion of being sleeker than the fully frosted glass doors






apple valley hesperia tempered glass shower doorsTempered Glass – Is basically strengthened glass designed to keep some integrity once shattering occurs to protect people from shards of glass. It is highly recommended for any installation.




Apple valley hesperia glass bathtub shower doorBathtub Door – Most people use curtains in conjunction with their bathtub but, having glass shower doors instead makes for a much more elegant looking bathroom.





victorville hesperia Contemporary Shower DoorContemporary – Very minimalist design often making the room bright and airy.





hesperia apple valley traditional glass shower doors Traditional – Commonly frosted glass with framed panels that have etched designs.





victorville apple valley industrial glass shower doorsIndustrial – Dark frames for glass enclosures as industrial settings tend to focus on shades of dark furniture.




Modern glass shower doors californiaModern – Almost the same with the contemporary style but not as minimal with its hardware





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